Sunday, November 13, 2016

President Trump

And life goes on, the garden hasn't noticed at all, it's still a rampant display of growth and sex. I am going to have to make a bird proof cage for the boysenberries, the plant is huge with tons of berries forming. Planted another tomato, a generic truss grafted one that will be great for BBQ roasting. Also a genovese basil a tabasco chilli and two large capsicum plants already with quite large green fruit on ( feels like cheating) as well as half a dozen flat pea seedlngs at the bottom of the frame where the broad beans reigned supreme in their day

Two red capsicum plants ready to go
I mixed in a good measure of blood & bone mix to boost it all along when planting

Three tomatoes

The blackbird in awe at the black krim tomato

wow man

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Strung up tomatoes

Nice brown string to attach the plants to the frame, it certainly looks better than the wooden structures I used to make. I like the idea that they are very easily adjusted and added to as needs must

The Black Krim in the foreground with the Bloody Butcher lurking at the rear, he has three stems

Finally found a good place for Nigel to do his pondering, up against the pergola post overseeing the tomatoes :)

Nigel doing what Nigel does

A wasp's eye 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Labour Weekend, been there done that

And planted 2 tomato plants so far. Both heirloom, a black krim for flavour (from the island of Krim in the Black Sea) and a bloody butcher (high early yield of dark red fruit in clusters). I tried a black krim last year and it did not do well, I'm a devil for punishment. I've planted them over the spot I buried old fishing bait from the freezer, hopefully they will make more use of it than the fish ever did.
I followed some advice from a local gardening guru and soaked the plants in a solution of aspirin (apparently it helps prevent disease by 46%) and then planted deep well up to their second set of leaves. Tomatoes happily grow roots from the stem, the deeper the roots the better.

The black krim and the bloody butcher arrrrr   :)

Two tomatoes ready under their frame
This year I am going to grow the tomatoes up strings from a simple support. Hopefully it works out well

Meyer lemons beeing made

The fortune plums fattening up

Still harvesting ab bag of tender stem broccoli every few days, the plants are now starting to throw up whole new side plants with even more bits. I would normally have ripped the plants out weeks ago but they keep on giving despite their general look

New broccoli head

Another bag of tenderstems

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Middle October

Having to refrain from buying every tomato plant I see. I am heeding sage advice and leaving 'the planting'  for another week or so. By then I may have figured what sorts I want, a limit of 2, maybe 3 if they aren't all huge triffids.. So much choice, so little space. Same for chillis and all. I planted 26 dwarf green bean seeds as well as a good sprinkling of mesculin and rocket (own seeds). A punnet of mixed lettuce plants made the garden look sorted. Still picking tenderstem broccoli, I was about to rip them out but there is still new fresh growth coming so the get a reprieve :)

Broad beans are a most satisfying crop, the plants seem insect/disease proof, the beans are massive, and taste lovely steamed with a grate of nutmeg :)

Broad been bonanza

A good bag full
Checking my new lettuces

A red admiral butterfly on the Mexican orange blossom

The plum flowers I have been photographing are now baby plums

Thursday, September 29, 2016

End of September

and the beginning of daylight saving. Always nice when you get that extra hour at the end of a working day. Spring is happening all over the place, it's a pleasure seeing small things popping up and out of everything

The last of the cauliflowers is still being worked on, so nice grilled with a cheese sauce :)
Must grow more next winter, they were really successful

The broad beans are really coming into their own, we've been picking them young and steaming them but now they will be left to go large! :)

Broad beans are go

Yesterday's harvest, silver beet, florence fennel and tenderstem broccoli

The plum blossoms have almost all turned into tiny wee plums and all the 4 citrus trees are really starting to flower and form new growth

A bee beeing busy, the old flower at the bottom is showing a small green plum at the base

It has been quite wet the last week or so

Water drop in the fennel leaves

Dandelion detail, rainy days make you play indoors for a change

Back garden view