Thursday, June 8, 2017

Heading for the shortest day

June the 26th is the day, after that we get longer days and start heading to Spring, can't wait. Though we have only had one morning with ice on the car so far, mustn't grumble :)
The vegetable patch still looks pretty full, we have sugar snap peas, broad beans, cauliflower and tenderstem broccoli as well as some capsicums and chilies, beetroot and fennel bulbs, lettuce and rocket

Shy cauliflower hiding amongst it's protective leaves
Sugar snap pea plant

Cauliflower and broccoli patch with large leaf rocket on the left

Broccoli heads starting to get bigger

Still getting redder

Great harvest of red goodness

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Seriuos farming

We have a worm farm as of yesterday, since we couldn't put our kitchen scraps on the compost heap because a couple of rats thought it was just for them. We decided to get a worm farm. A 'Can O Worms' worm farm to be exact, a local supplier dropped off the plastic farm with an ice cream container of worms. A whole new learning curve of course, keeping several thousand compost worms happy :) The theory is you get 'worm tea' as well as the worm castings that are great for everything that grows.

Can O Worms worm farm all ready to go

A circle of black plastic under a circle of old coffee sack to keep the whole thing moist

Worms in situ ready to do their magic

Monday, March 27, 2017

Signs of impending wintery leanings

Leaves are turning orange and dropping from the forest pansy tree. It's darkish in the morning, winter's coming all too soon. The tenderstem broccoli seedlings have been planted, as have the silverbeets for a good supply for wintery shepherd's pies :)
I have been a busy Nigel building a garden shed, like big gnome's Lego almost. I must admit I did read all the instructions and watched a video before (yes indeed) I started. All went well, took a Saturday afternoon and some of Sunday to finish. I filled all the holes and gaps with expanding foam to stop things growing up through the floor and rats and mice getting in.. Then I lined the whole thing with sheets of plywood to give lots of wall to hang things from. It even has an LED battery light for urgent gardening in the dark. The shelves were from the old waterbed sides, what a good use for them.

Shed of wonder

Full of stuff

A home away from home  :)

The shed was a Duratuf GL65 bought from Mat and the helpful team from Mitre 10 Whakatane :)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March on

A whole new month, the end of  summer even, though cooler temperatures will be most welcome, the humid 26C days get a bit much after a while. I have torn out the large tomato plants, they were looking very bad indeed, basically a few twigs with fruit hanging off them. There are 4 or so sweet hundred plants just coming into production which will keep us happy for a while.
We have strongly growing cauliflower plants and a dozen strong seedlings of tender stem broccoli ( our favourite winter vegetable) Beans have sprouted and chilies and capsicum should start reddening up soon.
A non vegetable photo  :)

Grevilia flowers

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First rain for a while

Lovely to have a nice day of gentle rain today, although we haven't had to water too much so far.
The bloody butcher tomato has finished as it was an early variety, the orange roma is still producing well and doesn't look too bad as yet. The supermarket seedlings are getting close to finally producing some cherry tomatoes and the Tabasco chilies are starting to form nicely.

Some arty garden photos from the last few weeks