Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March on

A whole new month, the end of  summer even, though cooler temperatures will be most welcome, the humid 26C days get a bit much after a while. I have torn out the large tomato plants, they were looking very bad indeed, basically a few twigs with fruit hanging off them. There are 4 or so sweet hundred plants just coming into production which will keep us happy for a while.
We have strongly growing cauliflower plants and a dozen strong seedlings of tender stem broccoli ( our favourite winter vegetable) Beans have sprouted and chilies and capsicum should start reddening up soon.
A non vegetable photo  :)

Grevilia flowers

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First rain for a while

Lovely to have a nice day of gentle rain today, although we haven't had to water too much so far.
The bloody butcher tomato has finished as it was an early variety, the orange roma is still producing well and doesn't look too bad as yet. The supermarket seedlings are getting close to finally producing some cherry tomatoes and the Tabasco chilies are starting to form nicely.

Some arty garden photos from the last few weeks

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Here we go, into the future!
We were able to have both Christmas and New Year lunches in the garden, the weather was lovely :)

My early Bloody Butcher tomato has done it's thing, the tomatoes are now colouring up nicely and I'm pleased to report that they are indeed a sweet tasty tomato. Looking forward to seeing how the Roma ones stack up

Some snow peas and bloody Butcher tomatoes

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tomato imposter!

I have an imposter in my garden, a shapely strong tomato plant that was s'posed to be a magnificent Black Krim is actually a pointy ended Roma, not a problem, they're great in the BBQ but disappointing none the less

Not Black Krims at all

The Black Butcher tomatoes are seemingly the right sort, they are an early type, they say taking eight weeks to harvest. I looked up when I planted them, 25/10/16, they have week to go

Bloody Butchers colouring up nicely
These ones were tied on strings with all laterals removed, my truss tomato is in a cage, in theory it can be let go to grow heaps of fruit. The plant does look very strong, it's about to outgrow it's cage any day :)\

Caged truss tomato

Weeds next to the vege patch, I spared them with the mower :)

Leaning to the light

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A new dawn

Suddenly it's a whole new world, my father Jeff has just passed away. I won't be able to show him my cauliflowers or the state of my tomatoes anymore :(

We have had rain and things have gone mad, the old prunus tree has fallen after I cut off the vine (which was weighing it down and also holding it up). Without it's shade we'll have to rethink that area, always nice to have a change. Major addition though is a new prunus variant one that forms a natural umbrella as well as having a stunning display of blossoms going from pink to white in spring :)
The tomatoes are doing well, I've pulled the broccoli, planted a few tomato laterals, a mix of beetroot seeds straight in the soil etc etc. It's a lovely time of year :)

Late evening tomatoes