Monday, December 11, 2017

Two weeks till Christmas

The beans have reached the top of their 2M teepee, and are starting to flower.

Ready for climbing up

Broccoli and cauliflowers all picked, now got to think of what to do with them, perhaps some pickled ones

The last pick

Digby Law cookbook options

Tomatoes have reached the top, heaps of sweet 100 flowers

Plums are beginning to colour up

Aubergine grows by the day

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Officially summer

Lovely time for the garden, everything is still on the up. The broccoli and cauliflowers have had the largest heads taken, now we have to get stuck in and eat all this stuff. The beans have reached the top of their tall bamboo poles and have just popped out the first soft mauve flower

Tomatoes are getting larger by the day, so far, fingers crossed, they are remarkably insect/disease free

Black Krim fattening up

Mr Beetroot

Table under the plum tree

Plums are fattening, there's a hint of pink here and there

The weeper hose and water timer are a wonderful combination, and with the hose dug in and covered in some mulch you hardly see it.

I planted 2 sets of 5 rock melon seeds (as per instructions on the packet) a week ago and most have popped up, I will let some go up the trellis and some along the back of other plants, we shall see

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Late spring, early summer

The temps are mostly 12 - 20 C which is nice. Things are exploding in the garden now

Jersey Benne potatoes on the plant

A nice pile

shy cauliflower coming ready

Broccoli finally heading up

Aubergine baby forming

Wild strawberries in the undergrowth

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Planting and weeper hoses

I think I've found the answer to watering, doing it at the roots and not getting the leaves wet. The weeper hose, made from recycled materials and it gently leaks water all along it's length. I have half buried half covered it over and the water gently gets down to the roots, reducing wastage.
I was able to cut the one I bought in half so it does 2 separate gardens. With the addition of a water timer summer should be sorted  :)
One of the potato tubs was looking awful so I tipped it out and was most pleased to get 1.5 Kg of lovely new spuds! Also picked some lovely young carrots to thin the rows.
Planted a bunch of nice fresh lettuce and an aubergine just for the hell of it

Weeper hose weeping

The weeper hose along the base of the plants

New aubergine plant nestled in

Some new lettuce seedlings

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November is here

The two tomatoes I have so far are growing very well, they look strong and healthy, hopefully we will have lots of lovely fruit. I am still hunting for an Early Money and now also a San Marzano. They are the ones you get in tins of Italian tomatoes, nice size and great for sauces and roasting in BBQs :)  No luck so far. Might have to settle for a Grafted Truss.
Made a large bean teepee, hopefully the bobica heritage Italian beans live up to the challenge, the seedlings look lush and are growing fast.
"This bean came with the Dalmatian gum diggers to the Northern gum fields in the 1800’s. It is an excellent green bean with yellow flowers which produces numerous thin pointy tasty beans. The name is pronounced Bobitza” 

Bobica bean

View with the teepee on the left

I think I counted thirteen different edible plants in this photo

The new Yen Ben lemon tree (a true lemon not a lemon mandarin cross) is flowering well and has baby fruit showing, most exciting. I managed to remove the Meyer lemon (which is not a true lemon) so we are now dependent on the new one. The bean teepee is planted in it's place.

Yen Ben lemon flowers